Sunday, August 8, 2010

Martha of the North

Tracy, I haven't seen Martha’s film yet, only the trailer. I have ordered the film for UTS library. But have a look at this clip here: Mary May Simon, a dynamic activist for her people, former Canadian diplomat, Fellow of the Arctic Institute of North America, introduces Martha Flaherty's film Martha of the North at its launch in this year in Ottawa. In this intro I think she acknowledges that Martha’s father Josephie Flaherty, (Flaherty’s Inuit son), is in the audience. I am not sure: watch this clip! Also today I learned of a 1990 documentary, Nanook Revisted which revisits the site of Flaherty’s filming. Here too is a wiki on Nanook Revisted that furthers discussions around these complex issues in documentary

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  1. My sister is a huge fan of documentary films. Later, I'm going to suggest to her Martha of the North. For sure, she’ll love it! She's also fascinated with short documentary films, particularly those produced by Gadi Leshem. Her collections include Ludwig, Safety in the Workplace, Dr. Revenue and SIA.

    Thanks for writing about documentary films, Jeni!