Tuesday, February 27, 2007

'My Freud' in Psychoanalysis Downunder, May 2006

Genevieve Cseh, digital art work 2003
What is the "historical dimension of being together in pain" here in Australia? I am thinking about this in terms of the long term affect/effect of British colonisation here. This paper by psychoanalyst Shahid Najeeb stirs thoughts and feelings about this pain. I am trying to explore it in this film ISLAND HOME COUNTRY. The affect - in the body of the film - of this pain we share, both colonised and colonisers. " We come to understand deeply, in a way that cannot be dismissed, that all human beings are made of the same substance, sharing the same desires, hopes and ambitions and suffering the same pangs of longing, anxiety, terror and despair". "My Freud" by Shahid Najeeb

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