Monday, February 12, 2007

Respecting Cultures, Working with the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community and Aboriginal Artists

photo: family farmhouse in the Midlands: "we grew up behind a hedge, keeping history out". What happens when you bring history inside - when you wake up to 'deep history' ? I am going back to Tassie next week (22.2.07) to do more filming, visit family and meet with TALSC The Tasmanian Land & Sea Council to discuss the rough cut DVD and how its going with respect to protocols. There are 9 protocols in "Respecting Cultures"(p20-24). The following 4 are most relevant to Island Home Country.

The key to approaching the application of appropriate protocols is
respect. Consider how this is established in a project or proposal.
Finding the correct way for a project to be achieved with respect
for the people being represented or involved as artists will lead
towards a better approach to understanding the cultural sensitivities
within the Tasmanian Aboriginal community.

Consultation and Consent
Have you received written agreement for the project?
Sufficient time should be allocated for consultation and responses.
Permission needs to be obtained prior to use of stories, images or
creations that might infringe on artists’ and communities’ ownership
or copyright. An agreement outlining the conditions of consent
must be obtained from the owner(s), custodians or Aboriginal
community-based organisations for projects to be initially considered
and progressed

Does your nominated Aboriginal community member have the
authority to speak for, or on behalf of, the project proposal?
Does your nominated Aboriginal community member have the
authority to speak for, or on behalf of, the project proposal?
Consultation needs to occur prior to the development of projects
with Aboriginal content. Projects involving Aboriginal cultural
expression must be negotiated with the owner(s) or Aboriginal
community-based organisations, as appropriate. It is important to
locate the most relevant Aboriginal community-based organisation.
The organisation should be formally recognised by other established
Aboriginal community-based organisations.

Proper Returns
Have you considered ways in which the Tasmanian Aboriginal
community can benefit from the use of their material?
Issues of copyright, royalties and fees need to be discussed from
the beginning of the project, including informing the Aboriginal
community and Aboriginal artists of the potential for commercial

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