Monday, February 12, 2007

The third anniversary of the death of Aboriginal teenager TJ Hickey will be on February 14.

The third anniversary. In memoriam: TJ was impaled on a metal fence while being chased by Redfern police. Had police followed proper medical practices, it is likely that TJ would have survived.

I filmed at the TJ Hickey Rally in 2005 and have included some footage of Sam Watson in the rough cut.. Sam has been down the last 2 weeks re Black Deaths in Custody. I think it should be in the film and am trying to meet up with Sam, get his permission and film some more re: Mulrunji, Hickey, Deaths in Custody : putting it into an overview historical perspective colonisation 21st century. I couldn't get to the start of the Rally, but have just got back from Goulburn Police Sation in the city. I hung around for a while and then went looking for the March. No sight of them!

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