Monday, February 26, 2007

deep water spirit waiting: meenamatta water country discussion: Jonathan Kimberley & pura-lia meenamatta (Jim Everett) Bett Gallery, Hobart

I have just been back to Tasmania to film with Jim Everett and Aunty Phyllis Pitchford; also to visit family, discuss the film and see how they feel about it. Only two days ago I was swimming in the ocean at Bruny Island...the water, the light and the air so clear! Today I am back at UTS and have just dubbed masters of the filming; so many images and feelings as I journey between family and community, Aboriginal Tasmanians and newcomer Australians, city and bush and present day realities juxtaposed against 210 years of colonisation and a 40,000 year old culture - living. Jim Everett brings the conversation to water - often and the writing painting discussion he and Jonathan Kimberley held at the Bett Gallery in Hobart in 2006.

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