Wednesday, May 9, 2007

on commemoration and super/vision

In this fourth year of the doctoral process - scholarship ending September - yet the film's fine cut, sound post and thesis still to come, it is time to make a commemoration; not at the end when I finish, but right now in the thick of things.
To my partner, Stephen, for his acceptance, so steadfast.
To my principal supervisor Sarah Gibson. Sarah, you hold the space for an inner process to take place with a creative work; the Jungians call it soul work, and that's the level on which we work together. Thankyou for providing that space for me in here at UTS; without you I couldn't have come thus far with the film.
To Toula Anastas, your smile, open heart and intuitive understanding of the creative process, translated into the complex machinery of film and digital media, makes the whole process heartening; you listen and give back; you inspire and demonstrate the patience and endurance required to deliver works such as these.
To Karen Pearlman, the film's editor, for lightness and insight in the edit process.
To my daughter, step daughter and grandchild - for their love.
To Dr.S. For thirty years of reading together and for the distinct possibility of celebration.

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