Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Voices of Resistance

Voices of Resistance - Northern Territory Traditional Owners Speaking Out
“The link [between Howard’s plan for a nuclear waste dump in the NT and the military intervention] is unbreakable. Because we have stood up so strongly saying we didn’t want a waste dump. We have stood up strongly again against uranium mining. We have strongly said no to both issues. I think this is Mr Howard’s way of saying ‘we’ve gotta put those blackfellas back in their place, we have to take their land away from them, we’ve got to demoralise them, we have to break their self esteem, we have to break any connection they have with their lands by taking through leases. It’s time now, it’s time to bring the Aboriginal communities into town. It’s time to be a political force.” In Alice Springs, hundreds of people attended the rally to mark the beginning of the fiftieth anniversary of the National Aboriginal Islander Day of Celebration (NAIDOC).
from Mitch, an Eastern Arrernte and Luritja woman, from the Engawala community (Harts Range, east of Alice Springs), posted on intercontinental cry.org 13.8.07